SNAP, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program is a government assistance program to help low-income households pay for food. SNAP used to be called the Food Stamp program. The amount of SNAP food stamps a household gets depends on the household’s size, income, and expenses.

Who can get SNAP benefits? Can I receive SNAP if I do not have children?
All types of people receive SNAP benefits — single adults, families, seniors, and working people. Many people who do not have children are eligible for SNAP benefits.

How is SNAP eligibility determined?
Eligibility is based primarily on household income and certain expenses. Most applicants will not be asked for proof of money in the bank or other resources. Learn more and see if you are eligible with our confidential online calculator. SNAP provides a family of 4 with about $250 in food stamps per month. That’s only $62.50 per week or $2.90 per meal for the family of 4 to eat.

Do I need to be working to apply for SNAP?
No. Certain SNAP recipients may have to enroll in a job search program a few months after their benefits begin; however, many SNAP applicants do not.

I am homeless. Can I apply for SNAP?
Yes. A permanent address is not required to apply for SNAP. You can get benefits whether you live on the street, are staying in a shelter, or are living with family or friends on a temporary basis. Homeless individuals and families who do not have regular shelter expenses can claim an automatic deduction from their income.

Do I have to go into the office to apply?
No. You can begin an application over the phone by calling Project Bread’s toll-free Food Source Hotline at 1-800-645-8333. You may also email or fax your application, or apply online. Your Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA) caseworker will call you to schedule an interview over the phone. Learn more about how to apply for SNAP.

How do I find out the status of my SNAP application?
You should first try to contact your DTA caseworker. You can also call DTA Recipient Services at 1-800-445-6604, or you can access information on your application through DTA’s My Accounts webpage.

How long will it be until I get my SNAP benefits?
It can take up to 30 days to receive benefits. Some households may be eligible for expedited/emergency SNAP, which are available in seven calendar days.

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