Your Wall Street Mastermind Phone Interview Cheat Sheet

If you’ve been scheduled for a phone interview, you’re probably wondering what you should be prepared for. If you’ve never done a phone interview before, worry not - it’s easy! But there are certain questions and procedures you should stick to in order to give yourself the best chances of standing out amongst the crowd.

Take this cheat sheet and keep it in front of you during your next phone interview. Refer to it as often as you need to in order to respond to questions without stumbling. This is your one-way ticket to a confidence-boosting phone interview!


Your Information As the Mastermind of Wall Street

First and foremost, put your personal information down on the cheat sheet. Highlight all of the best parts of your resume that are most relevant to the job you’ve selected. Write a couple of facts about your background, whether it be related to school experience or work history. Your recruiter will definitely ask you about some, if not all, of those things.

Remember, you’re applying for a job on WallStreet. If you can get a job here, you can get it anywhere - it’s the most competitive job placement market in the entire world. And you need to be the best at what you do. So if you want to be called the Wall Street Mastermind, you need to make sure that you can prove that you’re the best to the interviewers. And that too on a phone call.


Their Information

Even more important is for you to have the company’s information handy. Visit the company’s website and write down their address. Visit their social media profiles to get a good look at the company culture and vibe, and to stay up to date on the latest news. Jot down some notes if you find anything relevant.

You also need to have the interviewer’s information written down. Know the first and last name of the person you will be speaking with over the phone, as well as their role and their experience. You can look them up on LinkedIn if you want to, since any good recruiter will have an active profile.


Write Down All the Job Position Details

Do be sure to get as much information as you can about the specific job you are applying to. Take some time to compare each of the job requirements to your own resume so you can figure out what makes you best qualified for the job. Your interviewer will likely ask you what makes you think you are fit for the position, so use this as a good exercise to flex your resume a bit.


Make An Elevator Pitch

An elevator pitch is a very important statement about yourself, your background, your qualifications, and what makes you best for the job - all in one minute. It’s a short, quick pitch that is often used by sales and marketing executives to get right to the point. This is the best opportunity you have to let your recruiter know just how qualified and passionate you are about the position. You will probably make your elevator pitch at the end, but write it all down to be safe. Also, if you want help from someone who has already gotten a job on Wall Street, someone who can guide you through the process of writing and making the best elevator pitch of your life, is a great resource that you should check out.


Write Down Lots of Questions

At the end of the phone interview, the recruiter will ask you if you have any questions for them. Definitely be sure to answer this with a yes! Asking good, effective questions proves that you are already thinking with the company in mind, and it also shows the recruiter that this job is important to you. Ask questions that are relevant to the job position and how your skills are best matched for it.

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