MicroGreens students leave the program with fundamental culinary skills that they will be able to use both in their homes with their families and to take with them as they grow into adults. Basic lessons like knife skills, boiling technique, roasting, and stock-making give students more independence in the kitchen.



With each prepared meal, MicroGreens students learn the basic nutrition lessons that they might not receive elsewhere. As this nation sees growing numbers of children facing obesity and other health issues, fundamental nutrition education could not be more pressing. Healthy habits like cooking and eating whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins are presented in fun and engaging ways.


MicroGreens students come from families that shop for food on a tight budget. Our program demonstrates how to shop, cook, and eat on a limited budget and still enjoy delicious and healthy foods. MicroGreens teaches students how to calculate costs as well as demonstrates how simple changes to the grocery list can make a big impact on the receipt.